New Online Technologies

In the last few months, I’ve come across some pretty cool online tools and gadgets that I figured I’d pass along to you the reader!

  • – Hulu is a site where you can watch clips and whole episodes of most of the popular shows on television.  Plus it’s all free!!
  • Google Alerts – Allows you to have Google e-mail you or send an alert to your RSS reader anytime a certain topic or phrase is posted on the internet.  Pretty cool!
  • Google Forms – This is a Google Doc that allows you to capture information from readers or visitors to your website.  A person fills in the fields you set up and then it is automatically entered into a Google Spreadsheet
  • YouVersion – Read the bible online in any modern day translation.  Take notes.  Read other’s thoughts about a passage.  It’s a whole online Bible-reading community.
  • Twitter Tools
    • Twitterfeed – Allows you to link your blog with your twitter feed.  Synergy is a beautiful thing!
    • Adjix – Gives you the ability to post longer web links in a short twitter post.
    • – You can enter a word(s) that twitter will notify you anytime that word(s) is posted on twitter

Any new online technologies you’ve discovered?

Ebenezer’s Coffeehouse

Last night I had the privilege of attending the Saturday night service of National Community Church at their award winning coffeehouse, Ebenezer’s. This coffeehouse has become a model for christian-owned coffeehouses across the country without ever trying to become a model. Ebenezer’s was designed and built with such excellence that this great idea has now given inspiration to others around the country! I really learned something from these guys: Do everything with excellence because you never know when your good idea could become an inspiration for others!

Hot Topic: Innovation

This past week, for whatever reason, Innovation’s been a popular topic in the blogosphere. Here’s a few posts and articles that I came across this week that are pretty good:

>Dave Ferguson talks about the link between Church Planting & Innovation here.

>Ben Arment talks about the connection between Innovation & Failure here.

>Innovation Lessons from Apple here.

>A great post by Tony Morgan about Innovation & The Three Little Pigs here.

Also, on a side note, only 3 days until the Big Announcement…I can’t wait!!

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