New Ministry Opportunities

If you’re out there and looking for a great ministry opportunity, just wanted to make you aware that we just posted a few new Ministry Opportunities on our MCM Site. You can check them out HERE.  Here’s the short list:

If you’re interested in any of these, follow the link above or you can e-mail me at

God is Moving in Pittsburgh!

Over the last few weeks, we’ve had some exciting things happening at our MCM Church Plants. To give you a quick background – we had a powerful week of CityReach this year in August and God is still moving! Just wanted to share some of the great things He is doing!

  • We’ve had over 40 people baptized at Sharpsburg, Ridgewood and PCO in the last month!! What makes this even more exciting is that those three churches were a part of CityReach a month and a half-ago. This is a week-long outreach that is having a long-term impact in the community!
  • BridgePoint Church just held their first Communion Service this past Sunday! You can read about it on Greg’s blog here.
  • This Sunday, PCO is holding their first membership class. It’s their next step in taking this great church to another level!
  • Ambridge Christian Center is busting at the seams! Their attendance has actually increased to the point that they’re running out of space in their present building and will be moving their Sunday Services to Ambridge High School. Praise God for space problems!!

If you can, continue to keep our MCM churches in your prayers!

*UPDATE: Ambridge Christian Center just had a water baptism this past Sunday, so MCM has actually now had a total of 50 people baptized in this last month!

Look Out Millvale

This past May we began two Neighborhood Groups in two different communities with the hope that one of them would be the location for our 7th church plant in 2009. Well, the time has come and one of them is in process to being that very church plant. I am very pleased to announce that not only is our new church plant going to be in Millvale but we have identified our church planters for this new church. The pastors of the new church plant are going to be…drum roll please…Pastor Rich and Jodi Jones. Rich is not only a good friend but he has proven himself as a great pastor. We are excited to welcome him to the church planting team and can’t wait to see what God is going to do as they join the great team already in place in our Millvale Neighborhood Group, Millvale Matters!!

In case you would like more info, here’s a short bio on Pastor Rich and Jodi:

Pastor Rich, along with his wife, Jodi, have been the Student Ministries Pastors at First Assembly of God in Hermitage, PA since October 2, 2005. They have two beautiful daughters, JoLyn and Jackilyn, and as a family seek to honor the Lord in all they do. Pastor Rich has served as youth pastor since the age of 18 years of age.

In 1992, He and Jodi began their full-time ministry as Youth Pastor at Full Gospel Worship Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1996 they accepted the Youth Pastorate at Monroeville Assembly of God and enjoyed eight wonderful years of Ministry under the leadership of Pastor Jim Leake. He spent 2005 in Detroit, Michigan, again as Youth Pastor.

Pastor Rich is a 1992 graduate of Valley Forge Christian College and is an ordained minister with the Penn/Del District of the Assemblies of God. Having spent more than 15 years in ministering to students, he has been blessed to have had many opportunities to attend and speak at Youth Ministry Training Events, including the 2004 National Youth Workers Convention for the Assemblies of God. Pastor Rich’s current portfolio at First Assembly includes the Youth and Mission’s Departments.

And for some more good news (if you’re actually still reading this super-long post), both Rich and Jodi have blogs! You can follow them at and

If you’d like more info on our Millvale Neighborhood Group (Millvale Matters) you can e-mail us at

Block Party in Millvale

I was in Millvale tonight for our last Block Party.  This is going to be the location of our next church plant which will be launching in August of 2009.  The Block Party tonight was a great gauge on the potential that rests in Millvale.  I can really sense that God is moving in this community!  We had over 175 people come out tonight and gave away 98 book bags!!

There was one lady who came tonight that had attended our outreach in Millvale last month as well.  She has seen our Neighborhood Group meeting in Subway on occasion but had never stopped in.  Well, tonight she took a step of faith and committed her life to Christ at the Block Party.  This is the first life committed to Christ at one of our Millvale outreaches and I believe it’s a sign of things to come!

Keep Millvale in your prayers in the coming months as we will be bringing on a church planter (more on that next week!) and working toward the launch of this new church!!

Block Party in Millvale

Millvale Matters, our Millvale Neighborhood Group, is gearing up this week for their big Block Party on Saturday Night. What’s so exciting is that next year at this time, we will be preparing to launch a new church in Millvale, our 8th church plant! With that said, they are still needing some volunteers with the Block Party.

So if you attend APC and were not able to help out at one of the CityReach sites this week or are available to volunteer Saturday Night in Millvale, you can e-mail me at It’s the beginning of something great in Millvale!

First Student Service of CityReach

I am so pumped for CityReach coming up this week! Tonight was the first night of a new component we’ve added to CityReach this year, the student missions trip. We have over 120 students and leaders staying at Allison Park Church all week and serving at the 5 different sites throughout the week. We have students that have traveled from as far away as Illinois to be here this week. Tonight we had our first service with the students and what a great time it was! I just love standing in the presence of God and watching students seek the face of God. How refreshing and exciting! I can’t wait to see what God is going to do at each of our sites this week and through these students!!

If you’d like to see the site schedule for the week, you can check it out here.

CityReach Coordinators

Yesterday we had our last CityReach Coordinators’ meeting until CityReach launches in about a month (Aug. 12-15). I am so pumped to see what God is going to do this year! We have some great coordinators who are doing an amazing job in laying the groundwork for CityReach at each of our 5 sites. It’s a ton of work to pull off, but they are well on their way to doing it.

You may ask, why do we even do CityReach? Why not put more effort in helping the church week-to-week? Well, I’m glad you asked. First, we do provide a lot of support on a week-to-week basis, but here’s a much better answer to that question:

  • There are going to be children attending the kid’s crusades at each of our sites who will come beaten physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • There will be husbands and wives attending our adult services who haven’t spoken to each other in a loving tone in years.
  • There will be families that barely have enough money to survive week to week let alone by their kid’s school supplies attending the Friday night block party.

This is the reason we do CityReach. It’s not about just another outreach or program. As ministry should always be, it’s about people. Please be in prayer for these 5 warriors you see above (pic includes Deana from NOH and myself) as they coordinate this incredible community impacting opportunity in August!

If you live in the Pittsburgh area and would like to volunteer at one of our CityReach sites, you can contact us here.

MCM Pastor’s Planning Meeting

We had a great day yesterday with our MCM Senior Pastor’s talking strategy, vision and cooperation. We were joined by Johannes Amritzer for lunch and he spoke with us on vision and the importance of establishing a strong vision in your church. But it wasn’t all business – after lunch we had some fun with each other as you can see in the pics! We have a great group of pastors and I’m so excited to see what God’s going to do this fall across our city!!

A Winning Lifestyle – Johannes Amritzer

Johannes Amritzer spoke tonight at our Leader’s Roundtable for our MCM churches.  It was a powerful night!  Here’s the notes:

  1. Never stop praying (‘Devote yourselves to prayer…’ Col. 4:2a)
    • ‘Salvation is not just a logical decision, it is a miracle.’ – The gospel is the power of God…
    • When we pray, we are not changing God, but we are being changed.
    • Also, when we pray we change the spiritual atmosphere.
    • The gospel without spiritual warfare and prayer is just intellectual.
  2. Expect the Best/Positive (‘…being watchful and thankful.’ Col. 4:2b)
    • Always expect something.
    • The Holy Spirit wants to lead you to good waters.
  3. Open Doors (‘And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ.’ Col. 4:3a)
    • God is going to open doors for you and you have to expect Him to open up doors.
    • This is the great thing with partnerships.  We can walk through each others’ open doors.
  4. Right Language (‘…that I may proclaim it clearly, as I should.’ Col. 4:4)
    • Don’t speak the church language.  If you can help it, don’t even start speaking the church language.
  5. Proper Conduct/Behavior (‘Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders…’ Col. 4:5a)
    • Humor is a great key.  If you’re a happy Christian, that will solve a lot for you.
    • Be someone that people love to be around.  That people aren’t avoiding you.
  6. Don’t Miss Your Chance (‘…make the most of every opportunity.’ Col. 4:5b)
    • The Holy Spirit plays on the same team as you.
    • When the Holy Spirit passes you the ball, don’t blow it!
    • This isn’t your team or your game.  You’re not in this by yourself.
  7. Spice Up Your Speech (‘Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.’ Col. 4:6)
    • If we could quit being so religious all the time and give some answers that people can actually understand, things would be better.
    • We must combine grace with salt.

Neighborhood Group’s First Outreach

Our Millvale Neighborhood Group had their first monthly outreach this past Saturday in conjunction with APC’s Community Care Day. It was an awesome day, but wow was it hot!!  We helped a lady who has cancer clean-up her yard, and then had a cookout for her neighbors.  I am so proud of the group.  They worked hard in 90+ degrees for over 3 hours and didn’t complain even once! What an honor it is to serve God!!  Check out more pics here.

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