Sermon Sunday – Loui Giglio

This week I wanted to feature a message by Loui Giglio when he reminds us of the fact that we are wonderfully made by an amazing Creator. Loui is the founder of the Passion Conferences and is planting a church in the Atlanta area called Passion City Church. He is a gifted speaker and has a way of inspiring people young and old! Enjoy the message!!

Sermon Sunday – Bill Hybels

Below is a message by one of the great pastors of our generation, Bill Hybels.  He pastors Willow Creek Community Church just outside Chicago, IL, a church he and his wife started over 30 years ago.  It is one of the largest and most influential churches in the nation.  In this message, he talks about the power of God’s simple whisper.  Wow, very challenging message.  I hope it challenges you today as it challenged me.

Sermon Sunday – Ravi Zacharias

For this week’s Sermon Sunday, I have a portion of a great message/lecture by world renown speaker, Ravi Zacharias. He is a man of not only incredible intelligence, but a unique ability to explain the complexities of life and Christianity to the everyday person.  This specific topic is a on the topic of ‘What Does it Mean to Be Human?”.

He challenges speakers with the idea that to be fully human is to understand the Imago Dei – that as God’s creation, we posses the image of God.

Sermon Sunday – Erwin McManus

This week’s Sermon Sunday is a message delivered by one of the more creative speakers in the church world today, Erwin McManus.  He is the lead pastor of Mosaic Church in Pasadena, CA.  This talk was delivered at the Catalyst West Coast Conference this past year.

One of my favorite quotes in this short talk is this: “Is the church a prison or a portal?”  As the talk concludes there was a dance routine that followed, but stick with the talk until this end – it’s a good one!

Sermon Sunday – Jentezen Franklin

Below is an excerpt of a message by Jentezen Franklin, lead pastor of Free Chapel in Gainsville, GA & Orange County, CA.  He’s one of the best modern-day spirit-filled preachers.  The message addresses the idea that God wants to do great things and it just takes some faith.  If you’re looking to take on some ‘giants’ in your life, take heart, God is on your side!

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