Flight Attendants

flight_attendantI’m in the middle of a busy travel season for me, and in my travel I have the opportunity to be on a number of different airlines. The one thing that always fascinates me on a flight is how the flight attendants set the tone for the whole flight. A flight attendant that is fun and energetic creates an atmosphere on the flight that reflects that attitude. Conversely a flight attendant that is uptight and difficult makes the passengers feel the same.

In observing this I have learned the power of environment. As pastors, we set the tone for our chuch. If we value worship and prayer, our church will reflect that. If we are energetic and full of life, our church will most likely be energetic and full of life. As we go, so will our church be. Take it not as a paralyzing fact, but as one of encouragement. You have the opportunity to set a tone and create an environment where people’s lives can be transformed.

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