Exponential: Dave Ferguson & Alan Hirsch – Breakout Session 4, “Organizing for Reproduction”

Dave Ferguson is the senior pastor of Community Christian Church & the president of the Exponential Conference.
Alan Hirsch is the co-founder of Shapevine & wrote the book, The Forgotten Ways.



  1. Church Planting
    • Church Plants grow 23x faster
    • 10x the number of conversions
  2. Multi-Site
    • In 1990, there were 10 Multi-Site Churches
    • in 1998, there were 100 Multi-Site Churches
    • In 2004, there were about 1500 Multi-Site Churches
    • 1 out of 4 megachurches are multi-site
    • 7 of the 10 fastest growing churches are multi-site
    • 9 of the 10 largest churches are multi-site
  3. Missional/Incarnational
    • Winning is no longer seen as just larger size, but reproduction is now seen as winning.


  1. Making a shift from church growth to being a missional movement.
    • You value the new more than the old.
    • You value the edge more than the center.
    • You value the lost more than the found.
    • You value the going more than the staying.
  2. From ministry managers to spiritual entrepreneurs.
  3. Making a shift from being Reactive to Proactive
    • It’s not about 80% full
    • It’s about artist and leader readiness – with the need to reproduce, we must produce more and better leaders & artists.
  4. Moving from Addition to Multiplication


  1. There is movement.
  2. There is a Structure Network
    • The is no center/authority is decentralized
    • Each component has the same DNA and is able to reproduce the whole.
    • Spider vs. Starfish
      • Just like a starfish, each aspect of a movement should be able to reproduce.

Exponential: Alan Hirsch – Plenary Session 3, “Missional Movement”

1. Recovery of the Centrality of Jesus in His Own Movement

            – Christology lies at the heart of the renewal of the church.

            – We must radicalize in order to missionalize

                        – We must go back to our root.  We must get back to Jesus.

            – Christology > Missiology > Ecclesiology

                        -Christology:  Jesus as the founder sets the primary template.

                        -Missiology:  Our purpose & function in the world.

                        -Ecclesiology:  The church comes out of missionary engagement.

            – Ecclesiology should always recalibrate us back to Christology.

            – The subversion of Christianity

                        -We’ve subverted Jesus out of Christianity.      

                        -It’s hard to live with the Lord – He’s demanding.

                        -Christianity minus Christ equals Religion

                        -Christology relies at the heart of the renewal of the Church.

– Show Me Your Jesus

                        -On the 6th Day God created man, on the eighth day we returned the favor.

-“If God is really like me, then he’ll hate those you hate.”

-Different Skewed views of Jesus (This was hilarious!)

            -Spooky Jesus

            -Buddy Jesus

            -Sunday School Jesus

            -Jesus is My Boyfriend

            -Bearded Lady Jesus

-Suburban Jesus (Had a picture of Jesus designing His cross from Ikea)

            -What if Jesus showed up in our churches?  We should be disturbed by Jesus.


2.  Recovery of Discipleship as our Core Task

            – Becoming a ‘little Jesus’

            – Embodiment and transmission

                        -A life speaks the message.

                        -If we were more like Jesus, people would be more interested in the church.

            – Movements can grow only in proportion to their ability to make disciples.

            – Leadership is an extension of discipleship

            – Consumerism is killing us (from within)


3. Recovering the Ethos/Structure of Apostolic Movements

– What we need our missionally responsive, culturally adaptive, organizationally

  agile, multiplication movements.

– Movements…

            -…mobilize the whole people of God. (priesthood of all believers)

            -…are reproducing & reproducible.

            -…are structurally networked (avoid centralization of power & function).

-…employ missional leadership & ministry modes.


4. Recovering an Incarnational-Mission Impulse

            – Missional God: Going Out

            – Incarnational God: Going Deep

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