I’m in Carlisle, PA at our District Conference Center for some meetings this week. Here are some of the best quotes from yesterday (and they’re pretty good!)…enjoy!!

  • “Every community or society becomes what it affirms and celebrates.” –Otto Wegner
  • “It’s the presence of God’s people that guarantees the presence of God.” -Otto Wegner
  • “Strong leaders make strong churches.” -Bob Novak
  • (My personal favorite) “Brian [Bolt’s] not a man, he’s an experience.”Dave Martin
  • “The number one problem in ministry is insecurity…you have to remember, it’s not about you.” –David Thomas
  • “A person’s leadership will never rise above his ability to receive criticism.” -David Thomas
  • “You know where people go to church? Where they want to go to church.” -David Thomas
  • “The person that is good for excuses, is good for little else.” -Benjamin Franklin (no, he wasn’t actually there!)
  • “Sometimes God will offend your mind to expose your heart.” -David Thomas

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