MCM Update: BridgePoint Church

BridgePoint's New Building

Over the next few posts, I wanted to take an opportunity to share some updates from our most recent MCM church plants.  I’ll start off with Pastor Greg & Francie Krowitz and BridgePoint Church in Tarentum, PA.

BridgePoint (BPC) just celebrated its two-year anniversary last month and has had some exciting things happen in recent months.  This past October, they were able to move out of their meeting space, a boxing gym, and into a more permanent church building owned by First Christian Church in Tarentum. The provision of this building was an answer to prayer and God’s continued favor on our MCM churches in miraculously providing church buildings!

For the month of October BPC met at 9am, prior to First Christian’s service.  Then in November, the leadership of First Christian decided to cancel their Sunday morning service and join BPC’s service, allowing them to have a later start time of 10am.  Since that time, BridgePoint has seen a number of new families joining the church and in addition to meeting in this building on Sunday mornings and they have now moved their offices and small groups into the building.  Over this last 6 months, BPC has experienced some incredible favor with the First Christian leadership already, and we are believing that BPC will one day own this beautiful building, allowing them to continue to be a beacon of hope to the Allegheny Valley!

Recent water baptism in BPC's new building

This past Sunday, BPC had one of their regular baptism services that they are now able to have with the baptismal in their new building.  Greg baptized 6 people, which included a mom & her two sons, a brother & sister and a young adult! God continues to move at BPC and we know that the best is yet to come!

As we celebrate what God is doing in Tarentum through BridgePoint, continue to keep Pastor Greg and Francie in your prayers as they look toward this 3rd year of existence as a church and lead BPC toward a place of greater influence and impact in the community!

Great News from the MCM Network!

This past Sunday we had some exciting things happen in a couple of our newer MCM church plants that I wanted to share with you all:


  • BridgePoint Church, which launched last March, baptized 7 people this past Sunday!  God is doing some great things through BPC in Tarentum.  They are a very unique church in that they meet every week in a fully-operational boxing gym.  This has been a really cool location to have a church, but please continue to keep BPC in prayer as they are currently looking for a more permanent church location.  You can read more about their water baptisms this past Sunday on Greg’s blog here.
  • Element Church had their 2nd monthly service!  It was an exciting day as 10Element Preach9 people came out to Mr. Smalls Theater in Millvale to worship God and hear Rich bring the word!  They are making great progress as they approach their Grand Opening on August 16.  You can read more about the service on Rich’s blog here.

Weekend Wrap-Up

This was a great weekend! Here’s what happened:

  • We had our monthly outreach for our Millvale Neighborhood Group. The group was able to connect with a number of people down there and just show the practical love of Christ! I’m excited to see what God is going to do in Millvale!!
  • I preached yesterday at BridgePoint Church, our newest church plant. It is so awesome to see God establishing His church in Tarentum and Pastor Greg and Francie are doing a great job!! Plus it was great to preach to such a young church. We talked about how ‘Small Things Can Make a Big Difference’.
  • Yesterday afternoon was another day of soccer. I love playing but I am continually reminded afterwards that I’m not 16 anymore! I was pretty sore last night, but thankfully I’m feeling fine today!

A True Church Picnic!

Yesterday our newest church plant, BridgePoint Church, held their first church picnic/outdoor service in Tarentum.  They had 75 people come out, with 12 first time guests and 3 people respond to commit their lives to Christ!! That’s what I call a church picnic!!  You can check out more info on the day on Greg’s blog here.

Look Out Tarentum!

I just wanted to take a minute to give honor where honor is due.  Our newest church plant, BridgePoint Church, is doing so well thanks to the faithful work of Pastor Greg & Francie Krowitz!  I am so proud of how they’ve been obedient to do what God has called them to and God is doing something amazing in Tarentum through them!  Check out Greg’s latest post from this past weekend and rejoice with them!!

MCM Churches in the News

Wow!  This has been an amazing week!!  We actually have had two MCM churches in the news over this past week (and for good reasons!)

As I mentioned last week, BridgePoint Church had their Grand Opening yesterday.  We had an awesome service with 132 in attendance!  To top that off, they were featured in the Valley News Dispatch today.  You can read the article here. (Sorry you have to register with them to actually read it.)

Pastor Dave Martin, pastor of Pitcairn Assembly was featured on KDKA because of his continued efforts to help a local family that lost their home to the recent mudslides in Pitcairn.  You may recognize his name – he is also the pastor that spends a week on the roof of his church each year to raise money to provide local families with a warm, Thanksgiving Dinner!

As many have said, (originally Mark Batterson) – “The Good News should be in the News”!

BridgePoint Launching!

bridgepointpostcard_front.jpgThis Sunday we are launching BridgePoint Church. We’ve tried something new with this 7th church plant. We started monthly services back in October leading up to this Sunday’s launch. It’s hard to believe it’s finally here! We’ve blitzed the community with promo about the church. For those that are looking at possibly church planting someday, here’s a breakdown of our promotions for this weekend’s launch:

  • We sent out a mass-mailer of 10,000 postcards.
  • We will be passing out a total of 2,100 flyers.
  • We put up 20 posters in local businesses, markets and yes, even bars.
  • We have an ad and an insert in today’s Valley News Dispatch (combined circulation of almost 10,000).
  • We sent out 300+ direct mailer invites.

Our approach is to create a marketing ‘campaign’. With this approach, people will see a similar graphic/theme promoting the launch of the church multiple times. This will increase the effectiveness of the promo, as compared to blanketing an area with just one promotional item.

With that said, we’ve put a lot into this launch. Pastor Greg & Francie have done an amazing job building a strong launch team. We’ve done a lot of work getting the boxing gym ready. We walked the streets of Tarentum passing out flyers and praying. But there’s one more component to this whole launch process. Without this one component, all our creativity, promotions and work would be in vein. That one component is the power of God. We need the power of God. Our prayer this weekend is the prayer Moses made in Exodus 33,

“”If your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here.” (Exodus 33:15)

The greatest thing you can do this weekend for BridgePoint and Pastor Greg & Francie is pray. Pray for the Spirit of God to transform lives. Pray for the power of God to heal the sick, the lame and the emotionally distraught. Pray that God will build His Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it! (That’s really more than just a prayer – that’s a promise, and you can take that one to the bank!)

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