Christopher Alam in Zambia

Many of the APCers might remember Christopher Alam speaking a few months ago. Well, a pastor from our state (and fellow CBC alum!), Chris Foster is in Zambia with Christopher taking part in a festival there. It’s awesome to read what God is doing around the world!! Check out the excerpt below:

Tonight’s crusade was a blast. The crowd grew again and a ton of people were saved to the glory of God. “There were several demon possessed delivered tonight. The amazing thing was they could not stand in the presence of Jesus. Christopher preached a strong message tonight. There is power in the name of Jesus. Devils must submit to the authority in the name of Jesus. Many deaf received their hearing and another blind woman received her sight. Another boy who could not walk without falling was running on the platform. I was so blessed by that. Friends I don’t know if you realize it or not this is book of Acts stuff.

You can follow Chris’ blog here.

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