MCM Churches in the News

Wow!  This has been an amazing week!!  We actually have had two MCM churches in the news over this past week (and for good reasons!)

As I mentioned last week, BridgePoint Church had their Grand Opening yesterday.  We had an awesome service with 132 in attendance!  To top that off, they were featured in the Valley News Dispatch today.  You can read the article here. (Sorry you have to register with them to actually read it.)

Pastor Dave Martin, pastor of Pitcairn Assembly was featured on KDKA because of his continued efforts to help a local family that lost their home to the recent mudslides in Pitcairn.  You may recognize his name – he is also the pastor that spends a week on the roof of his church each year to raise money to provide local families with a warm, Thanksgiving Dinner!

As many have said, (originally Mark Batterson) – “The Good News should be in the News”!

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