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In ministry, and especially in church planting, it can become extremely easy to always be ‘doing’. We have a God-inspired vision of establishing a church or reaching a community and we just put our heads down and work. This work ethic and willingness to persevere is a key component of any good church planter but it can also be their greatest downfall.

One of the most glaring barriers in a church plant is a lack of leadership development. This lack is often the result of a ‘doer’ mentality. We think, ‘if it’s going to get done then I need to do it myself.’ That may be true right now, but in making that decision you are undercutting the development of others around you.

Remember this key principle of ministry: “Ministry is more about empowering and releasing then it is about doing.”

What do you think? Is it easier to always be doing rather then empowering?

Look Out Tarentum!

I just wanted to take a minute to give honor where honor is due.  Our newest church plant, BridgePoint Church, is doing so well thanks to the faithful work of Pastor Greg & Francie Krowitz!  I am so proud of how they’ve been obedient to do what God has called them to and God is doing something amazing in Tarentum through them!  Check out Greg’s latest post from this past weekend and rejoice with them!!

What I’ve Learned About Church Planting

Almost 2 months ago now, we launched our 7th church plant, BridgePoint Church, but for me it was the first one I was a part of from beginning through the launch.  With that said, I just wanted to post some things I’ve learned up to this point going through the process:

  • There is no set process that works everywhere.  Even the best ideas and models have to be adjusted to fit the context.
  • Although church planting is the ‘in thing’ to do right now, it’s hard work.  If there was ever a ministry position that is not glamorous (and really none are), church planting would be at the top of the ‘non-glamorous’ list.
  • Although church planting is hard work, there should still be strategy and vision.  Communicating vision to your launch team is the fuel that drives their work ethic.
  • Knowing who you are and who you’re reaching will save you a lot of frustration in the long run.
  • It seems to be more effective planting with a handful of dedicated church members and building the church with new believers then sending 150 church members to start a church.

Well, that’s all for now.  I’ll continue to post things as I discover them!  Remember, always be a life-long learner – we will never know it all!!

In case you’re wondering what exactly our process for planting is, you can check it out here.

BridgePoint Launching!

bridgepointpostcard_front.jpgThis Sunday we are launching BridgePoint Church. We’ve tried something new with this 7th church plant. We started monthly services back in October leading up to this Sunday’s launch. It’s hard to believe it’s finally here! We’ve blitzed the community with promo about the church. For those that are looking at possibly church planting someday, here’s a breakdown of our promotions for this weekend’s launch:

  • We sent out a mass-mailer of 10,000 postcards.
  • We will be passing out a total of 2,100 flyers.
  • We put up 20 posters in local businesses, markets and yes, even bars.
  • We have an ad and an insert in today’s Valley News Dispatch (combined circulation of almost 10,000).
  • We sent out 300+ direct mailer invites.

Our approach is to create a marketing ‘campaign’. With this approach, people will see a similar graphic/theme promoting the launch of the church multiple times. This will increase the effectiveness of the promo, as compared to blanketing an area with just one promotional item.

With that said, we’ve put a lot into this launch. Pastor Greg & Francie have done an amazing job building a strong launch team. We’ve done a lot of work getting the boxing gym ready. We walked the streets of Tarentum passing out flyers and praying. But there’s one more component to this whole launch process. Without this one component, all our creativity, promotions and work would be in vein. That one component is the power of God. We need the power of God. Our prayer this weekend is the prayer Moses made in Exodus 33,

“”If your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here.” (Exodus 33:15)

The greatest thing you can do this weekend for BridgePoint and Pastor Greg & Francie is pray. Pray for the Spirit of God to transform lives. Pray for the power of God to heal the sick, the lame and the emotionally distraught. Pray that God will build His Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it! (That’s really more than just a prayer – that’s a promise, and you can take that one to the bank!)

I Can’t Wait!

About a month and a half ago, I had the opportunity to go with Pastor Jeff to the Multiplicity Church Planting Conference which he was speaking at. While at the conference I was fortunate enough to win a free ticket to the biggest and best church planting conference in the nation – Exponential. Needless to say, I was pumped. Today, Dave Ferguson just announced that they’ve added to their already amazing list of speakers – Rick Warren has confirmed he will be speaking there now as well. I can’t wait!!

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