Manic Monday-Create

Here’s my latest ‘Manic Monday‘ idea.  This really was birthed out of a talk Earl Creps did on ‘Ministering to Cultural Creatives’.   As I listened to it, I realized the American Church as a whole doesn’t do a real good job engaging the creative segment of our communities. We are often very good presenting concrete thoughts and principles but what about engaging our imaginations?  Understanding that, here’s the idea – it’s a sermon series entitled ‘Create’.

FIRST MESSAGE: Created in His Image | Big Idea: We are created in the image of God, therefore we should be creative as He is creative. [Gen. 1:26-27]

SECOND MESSAGE: Creating Spiritual Growth | Big Idea: Being creative begins with being empowered. [Ex. 31:1-6]

THIRD MESSAGE: Creating Disciples | Big Idea: Creativity is meant to be shared.  [Matt. 5:13-14]

FOURTH MESSAGE: Creating Culture | Big Idea: Followers of Christ aren’t meant to adapt or conform to culture, but to create it.  [Gen. 1:28]

Additionally, previous to the messages to engage the creatives within your church or even community, you can allow people to create sermon graphic designs.  If you have enough designs submitted, you could actually use a different graphic each week.  Also, you could present the general topics for each message and allow individuals to create short video illustrations for the messages.

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