Exponential: Jon Ferguson & Dave Dummitt – Breakout Session 3, “Creating the Culture of a Reproducing Church”

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Jon Ferguson is the Director of the New Thing Network.
Dave Dummitt is the Pastor of 2|42 Community Church in Brighton, MI.


A Reproducing Church Begins with Day One

  • Prelaunch Activity
    • Investing in your initial team the idea that this church will reproduce.
  • Initial Language
    • Use ‘Cell’ Groups – Cells reproduce.
    • Using the word ‘Campus’ in the name communicates there will be more.
  • Leadership Development
    • Leadership Pipeline
      • Volunteer/Artists
      • Apprentice Leaders
      • Leaders
      • Coaches
      • Staff
    • We need a permission giving culture.
  • Create a year-one jump start.
    • Look for opportunities to start a second service.
    • Allow small groups to grow larger to create urgency for reproduction within those in the group.

Three Activities That Reproducing Churches Do

  1. A Reproducing Church Anticipates the Future
      • Where are we going?
    • Anticipate where is God at work.
      • Where might God be dreaming?
    • Anticipate Talent
      • Doing Annual Talent Reviews
        • Who is your apprentice?
        • Who do you want to apprentice you?
      • This helps keep your leadership pipeline full.
  2. A Reproducing Church Celebrates the Present
    • Celebrate New Leaders/Artists
    • Celebrate New Life/Baptisms
    • Celebrate Network Wins
    • Celebrate Failure
      • Celebrating failure is really celebrating risk-taking.
    • Celebrate Innovation
  3. A Reproducing Church Evaluates the Past
    • Things to Track:
      • Number of Christ Followers – Measures spiritual depth. (Attendance at Services & Small Groups)
      • Number of Leaders – Measures small groups potential.
      • Number of Artists – Measures large group potential.
      • Number of Small Groups – Measures care & community.
      • Number of Congregations (Services) – Measures stewardship of facilities.
      • Number of Campuses – Measures community impact.

Do you want to be a church that reproduces or a reproducing church?

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