Exponential: Dave Ferguson – Plenary Session 4b, “Genuine Community”

  • We are created with the craving and need for community.
    • From the beginning of time, God is about community.
      • From creating community to redeeming community.
    • Rather than church planters we should see ourselves as community builders.
      • Maybe some of the questions we battle with aren’t really all that important.
        • Contemporary vs. Traditional
        • House Church vs. Church Structure

    How do we create a church of community creators?

    1. Every person in our church has to experience community.
      • Can people experience community in your church?
    2. You have to permit people to create community.
    3. You need to challenge people to co-create community.
      • Never create community alone.
    4. You need to celebrate community.
      • Celebrate both big & small.

    The Church should BE the community.

    Exponential: Dave Ferguson & Alan Hirsch – Breakout Session 4, “Organizing for Reproduction”

    Dave Ferguson is the senior pastor of Community Christian Church & the president of the Exponential Conference.
    Alan Hirsch is the co-founder of Shapevine & wrote the book, The Forgotten Ways.



    1. Church Planting
      • Church Plants grow 23x faster
      • 10x the number of conversions
    2. Multi-Site
      • In 1990, there were 10 Multi-Site Churches
      • in 1998, there were 100 Multi-Site Churches
      • In 2004, there were about 1500 Multi-Site Churches
      • 1 out of 4 megachurches are multi-site
      • 7 of the 10 fastest growing churches are multi-site
      • 9 of the 10 largest churches are multi-site
    3. Missional/Incarnational
      • Winning is no longer seen as just larger size, but reproduction is now seen as winning.


    1. Making a shift from church growth to being a missional movement.
      • You value the new more than the old.
      • You value the edge more than the center.
      • You value the lost more than the found.
      • You value the going more than the staying.
    2. From ministry managers to spiritual entrepreneurs.
    3. Making a shift from being Reactive to Proactive
      • It’s not about 80% full
      • It’s about artist and leader readiness – with the need to reproduce, we must produce more and better leaders & artists.
    4. Moving from Addition to Multiplication


    1. There is movement.
    2. There is a Structure Network
      • The is no center/authority is decentralized
      • Each component has the same DNA and is able to reproduce the whole.
      • Spider vs. Starfish
        • Just like a starfish, each aspect of a movement should be able to reproduce.

    I Can’t Wait!

    About a month and a half ago, I had the opportunity to go with Pastor Jeff to the Multiplicity Church Planting Conference which he was speaking at. While at the conference I was fortunate enough to win a free ticket to the biggest and best church planting conference in the nation – Exponential. Needless to say, I was pumped. Today, Dave Ferguson just announced that they’ve added to their already amazing list of speakers – Rick Warren has confirmed he will be speaking there now as well. I can’t wait!!

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