Fathers and Ministry

So tomorrow’s Father’s Day. I almost feel obligated to say something special about my dad (which I will!), but if you are a father out there – don’t ever underestimate the impact you have on your kids. It’s huge!  They are watching your every word and action.  Whether they say it or not, your influence on them is going to play a big role as to what direction their lives go.  Make the most of your influence.

For those of you that are pastors, even more so – don’t be the pastor who can lead his church but not his kids.  Make your family a priority!  I am the product of a father that took family seriously.  When I was playing soccer growing up, I knew my dad would be in the bleachers rooting me on.  When I missed a ground ball in baseball, I knew my dad would be there after the game to let me know it was going to be alright.  The Apostle Paul asks a great question in 1 Timothy 3, “If anyone does not know how to manage his own family, how can he take care of God’s church?” Be a good father to your family first, and a good shepherd to your church second.

Thanks Dad for being such a great model to me of what it means to be a father and pastor! One day I hope to be the same!!

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