FREE Tech/Media Resources for Churches

In the world of church ministry, budgets are always tight and money is short.  In church planting, this is even more so.  If you find yourself in a setting like this, then this post is for you!  Below I’ve listed a number of resources that can be utilized by a church at a very reduced price, or even free in some cases:

  • Google Apps – Google Apps are a FREE resource that provides the following for any non-profit organization:
    • Email Accounts: Unlimited email accounts, 7.42 GB of storage per account, email accounts still function with your domain extension (i.e., not
    • Calendars:  These can be easily shared within your domain or with other Google Apps users)
    • Google Docs: A great tool that allows you to collaborate with other coworkers with online programs that include word processing, presentations and spreadsheets.
    • Google Sites: You can create free basic websites as well.
    • Google Chat: Allows you the ability to chat quickly with anyone else on your domain without having to send a whole email.
    • There are a number of other features, but I’ll stop there.  The best part, though, is it’s all free!
  • MailChimp – This is a good email marketing program.  It is free for organizations that have below 500 subscribers and send under 3,000 emails a month (if your church sends more then this, you’re killing your people with too many emails!).
  • Floodgate Productions – This company has great pricing on ministry videos and worship track backs.  They also give away free videos on a regular basis and actually have a whole page of free video resources.  Their quality is usually pretty high and they seem to have a real heart for ministry!
  • MNW Consulting – This is a HUGE resource for churches, especially church plants or smaller churches.  It is free computer IT help!  This site features forums, topical posts, wiki pages and the ability to contact corporately-trained IT support…all for FREE!

Tomorrow I’ll post a list of free sermon resources.

What other free tech/media resources do you know of?

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