Dr. Jim Marocco – Vision

I am at a leadership event today at Freedom Valley Worship Center in Gettysburg, PA to hear Dr. Jim Marocco founding pastor of King’s Cathedral in Maui, Hawaii and has helped plant hundreds of churches all over the country and the world.  Below are some quotes from his first session:

  • The greatest key for ministry is how you see.
  • Vision is progressive.
    • Work without vision is drudgery.  Vision without work in lunacy.
  • Everything you do starts with vision.
  • How do you get vision?
    1. Through a burden. (Nehemiah 1:3-4)
    2. Through a challenge. (David & Goliath)
    3. Through a prophetic word. (Paul’s call to the gentiles)
    4. Through an experience. (Moses & Joshua, Elijah & Elisha)
      • Being in an environment where vision and growth are present.
      • Experiencing vision vicariously.
  • True vision is a work of the Holy Spirit.
    • It doesn’t just come from your charisma, it comes from the Holy Spirit.
  • To acquire vision, we need to seek the Lord.
  • Every good pastor needs to have the gift of faith and the gift of leadership.
  • Be wise with your vision.  Know that not everyone will be able to grasp or handle the vision God gives you.
  • You communicate vision to the degree that people are able to perceive it.

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