Relational Leadership

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet with the new student body president at Central Bible College and we were discussing different styles of leadership.  There are those that strong-arm their power onto others and then there are those that lead through relationship.  I tend to do the second and I think it’s actually more effective.  Now there are situations where you need to switch between these, but for the majority of situations, I think leading through relationship is most effective.  Here are some thoughts on this approach to leadership:

  • A leader that builds relationships with those they lead is depositing into a relational account that one day will reap exponential benefits.
  • Building relationships as a leader doesn’t mean you spend hours with everyone you lead – it simply means you present yourself as approachable and relational.
  • The leader that leads simply out of position or title will see those they lead accomplish no more than what is asked of them.  The leader that leads through genuine relationship will see those they lead consistently exceed expectations and go the extra mile.
  • Leadership is biblical.  Leadership is God-inspired. Therefore leadership should reflect the character of God – to be effective, leadership should flow through relationship with genuine love and concern for those you are leading.

Do you see the benefit of leading relationally rather than positionally?

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