Community-Driven Ministry (Part 3)

One of the factors of successful Community-Driven Ministry (and really ministry in general) is that that ministry is best done in community.  What I mean is ministry should not be done in isolation. The Body of Christ was meant to be one that is interdependent.  That doesn’t just mean interdependence within one church but also between pastors.  Many pastors can preach the need for community amongst their congregation, but the truth is they also need community with other pastors.

That is why, as a minister, we should actively look to build three different types of relationships:

  • A mentoring relationship: An individual(s) that you strive to learn from and follow their example.  This is often someone that is in a similar field of ministry or one that you want to be in.  Find someone that has valuable experience and believes in your future.
  • Peer-to-peer relationships: These are relationships where you are just yourself.  You aren’t a pastor, you’re just you.  Don’t underestimate the importance of healthy peer-to-peer relationships.  These can provide accountability, relaxation and should provide a break from the stress of ministry.
  • An investing relationship: People that you are investing your life into.  These aren’t those in your church, but rather younger pastors or pastors that would benefit from something you have.  Always be looking to teach, invest, and support – what you learn from mentors share with others.

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