Block Party in Millvale

Millvale Matters, our Millvale Neighborhood Group, is gearing up this week for their big Block Party on Saturday Night. What’s so exciting is that next year at this time, we will be preparing to launch a new church in Millvale, our 8th church plant! With that said, they are still needing some volunteers with the Block Party.

So if you attend APC and were not able to help out at one of the CityReach sites this week or are available to volunteer Saturday Night in Millvale, you can e-mail me at It’s the beginning of something great in Millvale!

Sharing Your Faith

I taught at our Millvale Neighborhood Group tonight. It was a great time and had the chance to talk about ‘What components make up the gospel?’ Here were some of my thoughts:

  • Three components of the gospel:
    1. God is love and loves His Creation.
    2. We’ve messed up and all made mistakes.
    3. God’s love is so great that, through Christ’s sacrifice, He’s chosen to redeem our mistakes rather then condemn them.
  • These components may not be shared all in one conversation, but can be discussed with a person over weeks, months or even years.
  • In sharing our faith we are really sharing how our story has intersected with God’s story in a beautiful collision.
  • God’s love for this world is so great that He chooses not to rid the world of all evil, but rather to constantly be working to redeem it.
  • We do not aim at leading a person through a simple ‘prayer of salvation’ – our goal is to lead them through a growing relationship with Christ.

Neighborhood Group’s First Outreach

Our Millvale Neighborhood Group had their first monthly outreach this past Saturday in conjunction with APC’s Community Care Day. It was an awesome day, but wow was it hot!!  We helped a lady who has cancer clean-up her yard, and then had a cookout for her neighbors.  I am so proud of the group.  They worked hard in 90+ degrees for over 3 hours and didn’t complain even once! What an honor it is to serve God!!  Check out more pics here.

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