Manic Monday – New Location

Well, here we are again – another Manic Monday!!  This week is a great idea only if it’s pulled off right.  Let me explain.  Often through our preaching or our services we are trying to convey some important point.  That can be challenging people to reach their neighborhoods for Christ or to get involved in a small group.  It can be frustrating sometimes when people don’t quite respond the way you had hoped.  Sometimes you might even feel as if no one’s listening.  Well, here’s an idea that will definitely eliminate the number of ‘non-listeners’.  Now, I wouldn’t try this too frequently, but here’s the idea:

Depending on your service topic, change the location of where you are holding the service for that week.  Whether that’s a different area in or outside your church or maybe even off-site.  This could include having service in a gym, on a flat piece of property, in a warehouse, or even at a high school.  The sticking point here is that changing location actually makes people less comfortable – meaning they will pay more attention.  That can be good and bad – do your best to be meticulous and make it good!!  A couple tidbits of advice here:

  • Don’t change the location just to change it.  That would be a lot of work for no real reason.  Choose a location for a purpose – something that would tie into the message you are sharing.
  • Have someone other than yourself coordinate this whole service.  If you are coordinating it, you’ll be so overwhelmed with all the details your message (the whole reason you’re doing this) will suffer…and so will your congregation!  Make sure you work out the little details like sound, parking, directional signs, staging, seating, etc

I know it’s a crazy idea, but hey, that’s why it’s Manic Monday!  Just pushing back what is the norm!!

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