When You Call the Pastor, Dad (Part 2)

Ministry is often viewed through different lenses. Some view it as a burden, others as a calling, and still others as a frustration. My parents, and especially my mother, helped my sister and I view ministry as a joy. Although there were difficult moments, they really helped us both view the positive in every situation.

One example is when we had to move. There were a few occasions where our family transitioned from one church to another, and as a child (and especially a child that loves routine), it was incredibly difficult to leave my friends and what was familiar. I remember my mom on a couple of occasions reminding me that it would be an opportunity to make new friends and see new places. Rather then being a downer or pessimist, this helped me focus my attention on the positive.

My parents would always be trying to keep the joy of ministry forefront. Sure there were difficult moments, but there is something about choosing to focus on the positive of life and not dwell on the negative. Whether it was around the dinner table or on the way home from church, my parents strived to keep joy as the priority. Because of this joy, our family was happier and I saw my dad push through some difficult situations in our church without becoming overcome with bitterness or regret. This increased my father’s longevity at the church I grew up in, which also improved his effectiveness as a minister.

The lesson I’ve learned: My ability to find joy in ministry will determine the length and depth of my impact.

If you’re a PK, what lessons have you learned from your parents?

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