My Prayer for You

Death. My prayer for you is death.

That you would die to every notion of position, pride and right.

That death would not bring an end to your future, but actually usher it in.

Fire. My prayer for you is fire.

Not fire that destroys, but fire that consumes.

A fire that compels you to become what you were always meant to be.

Glory. My prayer for you is glory.

That your life is lived not for your own glory but for the glory of One greater.

That the glory of God not only rests upon you but is seen through you.

To the God who deserves all glory, all true passion, and every sign of life I offer my very being. I pray this also for you.

May your life be one that is utterly dead to this world.
May your life be one whose flames burn so brightly that others are drawn to the One you represent.
May the glory of your life be the Almighty, Awe-inspiring God.

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