Finding God-Inspired Solutions

In a meeting yesterday, Jeff Leake shared with a few of us the following process to identify God-Inspired Solutions when facing overwhelming circumstances and problems.

The first step in solving a problem is identifying the problem. This sounds simple, but oftentimes we identify the symptoms as the problems. In your discovery process, be sure not to settle for the immediate problem, because most often this is only a symptom. Dig deep and look carefully, because the wrong diagnosis can result in wasted efforts on your part.

Once you identify the problem, begin to pray in faith. It is key to not turn to your fear of the problem, but rather to your faith in your God. Seek God for a solution. Listen to what He has to say to your problem.  Remember, this problem hasn’t caught Him off guard.

Once you’ve prayed through this issue in faith, begin to compile a strategy to overcome the problem. Once your strategy is thought through, run it by individuals whose wisdom and insight you trust. From their recommendations and insights, adjust your strategy to create a Wisdom-Based Strategy.

Now begin to execute the wisdom-based strategy you have compiled. As you do so, be sure to execute with measurable goals.  This will allow you to track your progress in solving your problem.


Don’t Set Goals This Year

Yeah that’s right – don’t set goals this year. I know setting goals is the proper thing to do this time of the year, but we were created to do more then just accomplish goals.  When we are striving for a goal, oftentimes we are working out of obligation to that goal.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could work out of passion and not obligation?

I recently listened to this podcast by Andy Stanley and he made a valuable point. Rather then setting goals it is more productive to identify problems. Once you’ve discovered the problems you feel compelled to solve, then identify the solutions and work toward those. With this approach, you will see more passion in the process of solving problems as opposed to simply accomplishing goals.

What problems do you feel compelled to solve this year?

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