Putting Together a Launch Team: What?

Last week I taught a session at a church planting roundtable on how to put together a church planting launch team. The main premise of my talk was “Church Planting is best done in community (as a team), through community (relationships), to a community (a ministry focus).” Over the next few days I’ll be posting my notes that answer the questions of What, Who, & How? Here’s the first one: What?

The first step for any church planter should be to identify their community and target.

  • This is a combination of assessing your passions & giftings with God’s callings and promptings for your ministry.

In identifying the target community, decide what the problem your team is called to serve.

  • As Andy Stanley states, “What problem has God called your team to solve?”
    • Gives a team a reason to be
    • Creates the context for passion
        • Pat McMillan: “A clear, common, compelling task that is important to individual team members is the single best factor to a team’s success.
        • Teams are dissolved when the problem is solved.
      1. Don’t start with position, start with your goal.
        • Once you’ve identified the problem, establish what key roles are necessary to solve that problem.
        • Most church plants will begin with at least these three:
          • Lead Pastor/Teaching Pastor
          • Worship Leader
          • Children’s Ministry Leader
        • Other possibilities
          • Admin
          • Outreach
          • Assimilation
          • Tech/Design

        Once you’ve identified the key roles you need to fill…

        • Establish clear expectations for these roles. Your ability to establish clear expectations will determine your team’s ability to function effectively.
          • Pay (full-time, part-time, volunteer)
          • Titles (be careful not to throw around titles without purpose and the right timing)
          • Responsibilities (what will they be doing?)

        Tomorrow, I will post notes on Who to Recruit?

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