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Pastor Chris Hezlep & the Ridgewood Church board with their sovereign church charter
Pastor Chris Hezlep & the Ridgewood Church board with their sovereign church charter

I know this is a little late, but it’s been a pretty busy week. This past Sunday brought with it some major milestone moments for a few of our MCM church plants (sorry for the alliteration!). Here’s a quick rundown of the big happenings across our city:

  • Ambridge Christian Center held their annual business meeting and officially changed their name to Bridgeway Church. Pray for them on Apri 5 as they a launch a ‘reintroduction’ to their community.
  • Ridgewood Church also held their annual business meeting on Sunday and finalized the process to become a sovereign church with the Assemblies of God. In light of Evangel Church merging with Ridgewood this past July, this was a big moment because members of both congregations had the opportunity to now be ‘charter members’ of this new sovereign church!
  • Also, during Ridgewood’s business meeting they voted to give the old Evangel building to Pittsburgh City Outreach as an investment into the Kingdom of God. I am so proud of this congregation for paying their resources forward, and I truly believe God will bless them for their generosity!

One of the incredible things about being part of such a great network of churches is that we’re family…we mourn together and this past Sunday we celebrate together! Congratulations Mike, Chris & Brian!!

Day 3 of CityReach

Last night we held the last of our Outreach and Kid’s Crusade Services leading up to our big Block Party night tonight. I went to PCO & Ridgewood and had the opportunity to hear some powerful worship from Judah Praise at PCO and here Seth Franco again at Ridgewood. After the service at Ridgewood, I was talking with Pastor Chris Hezlep of Ridgewood and he was commenting on how cool it was to have all these different churches working together this week for one common goal: to reach the lost!

I would agree – there is something powerful about unity and cooperation in the Body of Christ. It’s an answer to Christ’s prayer in John 17, “May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.” That is the power of a week like CityReach. It’s not always easy working together, but it sure is more biblical.

Here’s the summary of lives impacted last night:

  • Attendance at Outreach Services: 574
  • Attendance at Kid’s Crusades: 415
  • Lives Committed to Christ: 45 (Total of 133 for the week)

Thank you all for your prayers this week – one more night! Pray for no rain!!

Ridgewood’s Merger Today

Today I had the privelege of attending the first service of the merger between Evangel Church & Ridgewood Assembly. It was a pretty amazing day and it was packed!! There was a nervous energy in the room as Pastor Mark & Jana Snavely launched into worship. Pastor Chris preached a very appropriate message on ‘Being Devoted to One Another’ out of Acts 2:42-27. The highlight of the day, though, had to be the Potluck Dinner afterwards. It was pretty cool to see the melting of two church families. Individuals from both churches talking, laughing and sharing stories. That’s evidence of a little thing called ‘the Body of Christ’!

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