One Prayer

I like to post creative ideas occasionally and thought this would fall into that classification. Craig Groeschel of has come up with an idea to bring churches across the country together. It’s a unified sermon series called One Prayer. This is a pretty amazing idea! Let me know what you think.

Manic Monday – Phenom

phenomlogo.jpgThis week’s Manic Monday idea is a new sermon series. With the continuing trend in our nation of a fascination with celebrity this series capitalizing on this idea. The series is called ‘Phenom’ and deals with true phenoms throughout Hebrews 11. Each message would deal with different character traits that have led to their “Celebrity Faith”. Here are a few suggested message titles:

  • Abel, the Phenom Giver (v.4)
  • Noah, the Phenom Builder (v.7)
  • Abraham, the Phenom Father (v.17-19)
  • Moses, the Phenom Leader (v.24-28)

Manic Monday – 4LTR Words

Beginning today, every Monday I am going to offer some kind of creative ministry idea. I’m calling it ‘Manic Mondays’. I know this can be a down day for many pastors – if you’re going to feel like giving up, Monday’s are usually that day. So allow this weekly creative idea to inspire you to press on. You can do it!!

4ltrwords.jpg With that said, this week’s Creative Idea is a sermon series concept.  As you can see with the rough design to the left, the series idea is titled, “4LTR Words“.  Now before you throw something at the screen, let me explain the concept.  Each week will deal with a different basic Spiritual Discipline.  The reason it’s called four-letter words is because disciplines are often ‘hush, hush’ – we don’t want to offend or push people too much.  Thus the ‘four-letter words’ – concepts that are unspeakable.  Here’s the four week breakdown of the series:

  1.  PR*Y:  Topic would be addressing the importance of prayer in a believer’s life.
  2. G#VE:  Topic would be addressing the need to sacrifice and give of our time, money and talents for the good of the Kingdom of God.
  3. LOV%:  Topic would be addressing the need to love those around us.  Not only loving God, but loving our neighbor.
  4. T+LL:  Topic would be addressing the need to tell and share the gospel with those around you.  Whether that’s a co-worker, neighbor, or loved one.

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