Raising Kids That Are Generous

serving-handsChristmas is by far my favorite time of the year! Part of it is my extreme nostalgia and part of it is I just enjoy everything that Christmas stands for:  giving, compassion, considering others first, celebrating, enjoying family.  What a great time of the year!!

However, as with any tradition, things can always digress (especially when there’s money involved!).  The Christmas season now stretches from the middle of October until early January – all for the sake of consumer promotion.  Rather then a selfless holiday, it’s become a selfish one.

Here’s my point.  I of course do not have any children, but I wanted to challenge parents out there with this concept:  During this time of the year, don’t let the culture shape your kids – be intentional to teach them to be generous. Remember, what you celebrate with children will become their habits.  There’s nothing wrong with giving gifts and enjoying that time.  That’s a great thing for kids, but what I’m saying is model for them generosity.  Show them it’s good to help out at a soup kitchen, or to donate clothes toward those in need. And even better, involve them in your own generosity.  If you’re investing your time, energy or money toward some cause during the holidays – tell your kids.  Get them excited about it.  As impressionable as kids are, you have an incredible opportunity to mold your children into truly generous people!

What do you think?  What are some ways you could involve kids in being generous during the Christmas season?

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