Whining vs. Wearing

As leaders we are all guilty of occasionally stepping back and whining about our situation. It happens to the best of us! One interesting thing that takes place when we do this, though, is we separate ourselves from the very situation we are complaining about. This can be good momentarily. But in complaining we aren’t really doing anything to improve the situation, we are just dwelling on the negative. When we step back to whine, what we need to do is ‘clothe ourselves’ with the very cause we are working for. ‘Clothing Yourself’ with the cause conveys the idea of immersing yourself in that cause. Where it’s not about how hard you have to work or how much it’s an inconvenience to you, but rather the fact that you get to invest in this cause. Instead of you becoming a part of the cause, the cause becomes a part of you!

Next time you get in that whiny mood, try this: Step back and evaluate, “Why did I start investing into this cause in the first place?” Re-establishing your purpose will go a long way in helping you press through difficult circumstances.

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