The Lord’s Annointed

Recently I’ve been reading through I & II Samuel and have been amazed at David’s trust in the Sovereignty of God. In I Samuel King Saul is hunting David as if he were a rabid beast and David continually shows King Saul an uncanny, undeserved respect. The thing that really hit home for me is in II Samuel 1 where an Amalekite man comes to brag to David that he had killed David’s enemy, King Saul. The Amalekite is thinking this will give him favor with David, but here’s the problem: this Amalekite was thinking in temporal terms rather than the spiritual. As David saw it, this was the Lord’s Annointed One and instead of commending the man, David instructs his men to “Go, strike him down!” You see, David’s trust in God’s sovereignty was so great that he still showed respsect for the royalty God had put in place even though King Saul was constantly hunting David. How David saw it, this is the one God has placed in leadership over him. And if God had placed Saul there than David nor any other man had any right to harm him. What trust!

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