To Be a Servant

Tonight was such a powerful service! As I posted yesterday, we talked about serving others. To illustrate this point, I did a footwashing with my leaders. I have taken part in a footwashing before, but never done it myself. It was pretty incredible. Lowering yourself to the place of a servant and speaking words of blessing and compassion over people that mean so much to you is incredibly moving – at least it was for me. What a night!! If you’ve never taken part in a footwashing service, I pray someday you do. Although it’s not an ordinance of the Assemblies of God church, it is such a powerful demonstration of what it means to be a servant!

2 thoughts on “To Be a Servant

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  1. I stepped away from your blog for a few days and it looks like you’ve put a lot up here.

    I was in a footwashing service in my youth group in high school. It was a very humbling experience. Not something I would want to do every day, but it definitely made me consider what true humility is.


  2. Yeah, I agree Drew. That’s probably a good reason why it’s not an ordinance. It’s better to be done on special occassions and not on a regular basis. But anyways, welcome back!!


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