Making a Fool of Yourself

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending a 9th Grade Chorus concert that some of my students were in. It was the typical chorus concert: a few show tunes, some oldies, the always faithful patriotic song, and of course my favorite, the goofy dances. In fact, one young man was actually doing splits on stage…yeah, painful! But, as I sat there and watched the students do all kinds of crazy and sometimes weird things, this thought crossed my mind. These 9th Graders are up there making fools of themselves just for some chorus concert and so often I’m not willing to be a fool for the sake of my Savior. The verse in 2 Samuel comes to mind where King David said, “I will become even more undignified than this…” So often I am not willing to step out because it’s uncomfortable or uncertain. But God’s called us to so much more than comfort and certainty. God doesn’t use the comfortable. He uses the fool. Be a fool for Christ tomorrow – try something new!!

One thought on “Making a Fool of Yourself

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  1. It is challenging to be willing to be the fool for God. It’s something I have to consider daily because it is much easier to save face in some situations where I might look the fool.

    I think it is a mistake to do things because they make you appear foolish rather than in spite of the fact that they make you appear foolish. It seems a simple difference, but I have heard people advocate doing crazy things because they are crazy rather than provide a reason God would want those things to be done. Part of being a fool for God is paying attention to what God truly wants you to do.


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