Memorial Day

Today I went to my parents for our annual Memorial Day cookout with our friends and family from the old Living Water Camp. It was a nice, relaxing day and as you can see I was the cook!! Not to brag or anything, but I must say I’m a pretty good cook – everyone ate the burgers and hot dogs and no one died. That’s a successful day!! Hope your Memorial Day went well also!!

4 thoughts on “Memorial Day

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  1. Tell the truth… were you handing out Rolaids ahead of time to stave off complaints? 🙂

    Really, though, it sounds like the food was good. I grilled up some chicken here. When grilling chicken, I always make it just a little too dry. :p


  2. haha! no i wasn’t handing out rolaids, but i did have to throw some of the burgers back on the grill…they were a little too bloody! but in the end, everyone liked them-so i guess that’s a good sign!


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