Wrapping Up a Crazy Week

Wow! What a whirlwind this past week has been!

MONDAY: Helped out a new church plant – Crossroads Community Church in California, PA.
TUESDAY: Hung out in Pittsburgh with one of my favorite ministry teams – Floodgate from Central Bible College.
WEDNESDAY: My final youth service – needless to say tears were shed. It was an emotional night. Plus at the end of the service I got a cake in my face-that’s a good night!
THURSDAY: Went out to dinner with our church secretary and her husband (AKA my ‘adopted’ grandparents-Janet & Fran Good)- We went to Jerome Bettis’ new restaurant Grille 36. Moderate prices, average food, but great atmosphere!!

FRIDAY: Had my final weekly meeting with two great girls: Faith and Paige 😦 I’m going to miss you girls-God has some great things in store for you! Then I went to dinner with some family friends, and to top off the day I saw my favorite movie of the summer so far-Oceans 13. Somehow they managed to top the last one!

SATURDAY: Went to Ambridge Christian Center to support a good friend, Mike Santisteven, and hear another good friend speak, Daniel Day. What a powerful service!!
SUNDAY: Today was pure craziness! There was laughing, weeping, gnashing of teeth…and then some more weeping. I preached about how God doesn’t desire perfection but obedience. I’ll post some notes on that later.

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