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This week I’ve had a great time hanging out with some good friends here in Pontiac. I’ve had the opportunity to help them with some graphic design stuff, which I always love to do. But with that said, summer is here and I know many churches have outreaches, crusades, and other events that they want to promote and have flyers printed for. Below are some great contacts and info on having things printed or resources for designing that I use that may be of some help to you:

The Stock Exchange – Great site and the best part is it’s free!
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IStock Photo

Urban Fonts

Overnight Prints – They have great prices for business cards, letterhead, envelopes, postcards and as the name says, they’re pretty quick!
Polydot Print – This site is good if you are getting 5,000 or more of something printed (That’s their minimum). If you’re under that quantity, Overnight Prints is better in price.
Orange32 – This company is very similar to Polydot Print in what they print and their minimum. They are a little more expensive, but they do print special cuts – meaning they will print things on card stock in different shapes, which can be kind of cool.

Well, I hope those resources are of some help to you!! If you have any others, feel free to leave a comment and share the wealth of your knowledge! 🙂

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