“We should not be working to just build ministries. We need to be facilitators for what God is doing.”

Acts 16:6-10

>You’re only one moment away from experiencing something that could transform your future.
>The biggest challenge in experiencing that moment is whether or not we are listening.
>Hebrews 5:14
>God doesn’t just want to speak to you when you’re in the pulpit, but also in ordinary the rest of your week.
>In this passage, Paul is just running with his companions.
>He had deep affection for these men – you don’t find that with colleagues, you see that with family.
>Everything we have, we will give up in a moment for family.

How Paul and his companions were guided by the Holy Spirit
1. They were seeking to go into places.
>If we’re going to be guided by the Holy Spirit, we have to be willing to do at least what we know how to do.
> “If we’re going to be used by God we have to stop being a bunch of parked cars.”
2. Paul was expecting the unexpected.
>To be used by the Holy Spirit, you have expect the supernatural.

1. The inward witness of the Holy Spirit
2. The inward voice of the Holy Spirit
3. The audible voice of the Holy Spirit
4. The Bible
5. The Prophetic
6. Through Visions and Dreams

>He is a supernatural God and He works in supernatural ways!

>God knows more about reaching a ‘seeker’ than we will ever know.
>God is far more seeker-sensitive than we will ever know.

3. Paul and his companions were practicing immediate obedience.

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