>You are not just a pastor for those in your church, but you are a pastor for your entire community.

Genesis 23:6

>Although the land wasn’t his yet, Abraham would move around in the land of the Hittites as if it was his.
>We as pastors need to be recognized as a mighty prince of God among those outside the church.
>Be a priest for those that don’t go to church – that’s how you win those within your community.

Acts 17:16-34

How Paul Connected with Those Outside the Church

1. Paul knew how to discipline his spirit. (v16)
>If you cannot discipline your spirit, you can never become a good missionary.
2. Paul built relationships with all kinds of people. (v17)
>A true missionary doesn’t just choose who to build relationships with.
>A true man of God/priest can be a priest to a whole society.
3. Paul was given a platform among them. (v19-21)
4. Paul knew how to connect with their culture without compromising. (v22-23)
5. Paul is quoting their own authorities. (v28)
>In doing this, we show them that we are in the middle of their life.
>When you quote their authorities, it shows that you are interested in their lives.
6. Paul brings everything to repentance. (v30)
>What good is our relationship building if we don’t bring them to repentance?
>It’s our job to push people, to challenge them.
7. Paul was willing to disciple people. (v34)
>When we are discipling people that don’t go to church, they ask the right questions. They ask questions that pertain to life.

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