Just wanted to share an excerpt of an article I read by Louie Giglio in this month’s CCM Magazine.

So often Christians live such indistinguishable lives in the “secular” arena, while shining so vividly within the confines of the church. But the challenge is for us to make a mark in the streams of culture, which requires a massive devotion of life and energy to the end that we do whatever we do with an excellence, authenticity and Christ-like spirit that is unmatched in the world.

It’s clear in Scripture that people will never hear and know the face of Christ without a “preacher,” but there’s a good chance they’re not searching for someone in an suit with a podium between his proclamation and their dilemma. I say this…as a communicator of God’s story. So I’m not knocking us preachers. But I believe the world is waiting for someone elbow to elbow with them in their daily pursuits who is exporting a completely different Kingdom mentality by the character they reflect in all they do.

So feel free to do “whatever,” as long as you can do it all in His name. And do every single ounce in such a way that makes the world wonder what makes you tick the way you do. In that moment a door will open to an audience who doesn’t realize they just asked possibly the only preacher they know to tell them of a God who is greater than everything they’ve ever seen.”

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  1. I really appreciate your open-ended approach in this post, because what God expects from each person is specific to that person. I actually believe that in a great number (perhaps majority) of situations people in everyday jobs and lives are in a better position to reflect Christ than preachers. I also think that a lot of preachers find it easy to assume that everyone else’s approach should be the same as theirs.


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