Family Reunion

Yesterday was a great Church Picnic here at APC. It had to have been the biggest pot-luck dinner I’ve ever seen! For many APCers I’m sure it was just an average picnic, but wow, that was a ton of food!! After the picnic I went to a graduation party back in Irwin for a couple of my kids! It was great to see a bunch of my students-I really miss those guys!! It once again drove home to me the importance to invest not just principles and ideas into those I’m leading, but to invest my very life regardless of the expected outcome. I gave my all for those kids and would have gladly given my very life – not because I’m a mad man, but because of my love for them. And now God is developing in me a love and compassion in this new role. I love doing what I’m doing now and I pray that I will have the same desire and passion for the pastors and those I’m working with now that I had in Irwin. God is good and I can’t wait to see the sacrifices and investments He has for me next!!

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