I See Jesus

I walk through life. I walk through pain. I walk through darkness. I walk through disappointment. I walk through a world filled with all that is wrong. And as I take my steps through this world I feel no reason to go on. I sense every fault of mankind. I know that the road I am walking is not one of ease or comfort. I know others have gone before and have not endured. But as I walk, I look up. I am looking for a reason to take my next step. For some beacon of light in the midst of the darkness. And then at the moment I feel I have nothing left to give, I see a faint figure off in the distance. As I continue to struggle on, it becomes clear that what I see is not of this world. There is no pain, no darkness, no disappointment. There standing before me is the reason I live. The reason I walk. There standing before me, beckoning me on, is my Savior. My reason to walk on. My light in the midst of darkness and pain. My crowning jewel of achievement. The symbol of all that can be right in this world. Why do I walk? Because I see Jesus.

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