Yet Another Reason I Hate Cats!

Many of you have probably already heard or read about this. But you know you’re having a bad day when this little fella curls up next to you.

That’s one cat you don’t want to pet!

2 thoughts on “Yet Another Reason I Hate Cats!

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  1. Come on guys! Petting him has nothing to do with it. He is a very special cat who is sensitive to the dying and he comes to sit vigil WITH them. He purrs and keeps them company – just as many nursing homes have volunteers who come in to sit with the dying so that SOMEONE is with them when they leave this mortal life behind! Be nice to this guy!! Nancy – a cat lover!!


  2. An Angel of Death?? Why not? Animals are very sensitive to human things. They can sniff out some cancers, recognize wounds that need cleansing/healing and comfort the sick — petting animals even results in lower blood pressure and stress (unless this little kitty sits on your bed, of course…)

    How comforting to know if your time is short when you are terminally tired and your body is worn out. To leave this life with a purring, gentle creature keeping you company beats the sounds of whirring and hissing and alarms in a hospital room without family or friends around.

    Nice kitty…


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