Turn Down That Music!

Growing up in church I have become accustomed to the statement that is said in many churches across the country. It often comes from the mouth of an old, grumpy pew sitter, but none-the-less they let their voice be heard. The statement is, “This music is too loud!” It just makes me cringe writing it. I know this isn’t right to say, but I always wanted to say back, “Then turn down your hearing aid.” Well, a church in Charlotte, NC found another. less offensive option. You can check it out here.

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  1. I never realized that God was deaf. I believe David said Praise the Lord not Scream to the Lord. No where do I read Praise the Lord so high or loud that way the Lord will hear. I always understood that The Lord even hear our silent prayers. Why then would this be a point to even make.


  2. That is a good point – David did say ‘praise the Lord’, but he also said ‘Praise the Lord with the clash of cymbals” (Ps.!50:5), which is by no mean quiet. Also, in Revelation 7:9-10 we see that a large multitude ‘cried out in a loud voice’. I don’t believe there is anywhere in scripture that said loud music or praising God loudly is wrong. In fact, from scripture I read, worship more often than not seems to be loud. Sure David writes to ‘be still and know God’, which I believe is a spiritual discipline (solitude) and should be practiced. But I can’t believe a man who wrote ‘praise God with clashing cymbals’ and danced before God naked would have had it any other way!

    I understand your point ‘anonymous’ but you must also understand the music volume, style, and even song selection is not anointed. There is no one level or style that God blesses apart from another. Just as hymns were anointed by God 30 years ago, so are worship choruses. Just as quiet music is anointed, so is loud music. I read a post on another blog a few days ago that I think brings up some good points. You can read it here. As a fellow Christian, I hope you can understand that, at times, we just have to agree to disagree. Thank you for you comment and I appreciate the dialogue!


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