Relationship, Relationship, Relationship

Tomorrow I am heading to Indianapolis for the Assemblies of God’s biennial General Council. It’s going to be a big week! We’re voting on a number of resolutions, but even more importantly we’re electing a General Superintendent and Assistant General Superintendent. That might not mean a ton to you, but those are the two highest positions in our fellowship. Please be in prayer this week that God leads the minsters of this fellowship through this election process.

One thing I love about General Council is the opportunity for networking. Networking is something I enjoy doing – mostly because it is how I’m wired. One thing that’s cool about networking, though, is that it takes something so precious to God (relationships) and builds the Kingdom through those relationships. One unfortunate thing about networking is most individuals don’t really understand the concept.

Let me first explain what networking is not. Networking is not about being political, earning good favor with ‘big wigs’, or even schmoozing your way to some position of status. Although General Council is unfortunately a place where those things happen, that’s not what I’m talking about. Networking is about connecting with like minded people for support, encouragement, resourcing, and often partnerships in ministry. It’s connecting with others relationally, and then through those relationships building the Kingdom. One major difference between being political and networking is in being political, the relationship is the means to the end. The relationship does not exist apart from a particular project, position, or perception of status.

In networking, the relationship is the goal. It is not a means, but the end. Any blessing that comes out of that relationship is only an added bonus. Not only do I believe God blesses those who see life in this way, but life is more enjoyable. You don’t have to worry about who do I need to ‘get-to-know’ next? Or what big name can I drop in this conversation? It’s not about trying to ‘use’ people to get somewhere or see individuals as ‘tools’ in your tool belt, but rather it’s about building the Kingdom of God one relationship at a time!

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