Tonight I drove around to all the sites for CityReach this week, and all I can say is Wow!! I just want to give a shout out to four of my heroes – our site coordinators: Mary, Sheila, Linda & Carey!! It is amazing how God blesses hard work. There are already testimonies coming in of how God is bringing things together.

At PCO there was some concern about what to do with the garbage each night. Just last week we got word from the City of Pittsburgh that they will be picking up the trash each night at our lot (which we got for free by the way!) for no charge!

Then in Ambridge, a neighboring church is shutting down their Thursday night service bringing there congregation over to the CityReach service at ACC! The Kingdom of God is bigger than one church!

Here’s one final testimony: In Tarentum, we are only having a block party on Friday night. There was some concern if we were going to be able to find good giveaways for that location. But praise God, we were given a basket of goodies from Starbucks worth $130!!

Well, that’s just a taste of what God is doing already. I can’t wait to hear the even more incredible praise reports of lives changed this week!!

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