Free Food. New Life.

Last night was the first night of CityReach and what a night!! I was at Sharpsburg Family Worship Center with our guest speaker, Seth Franco, and God did some awesome things!! The kids were hopping and God did some incredible miracles in individuals lives!

I met a teenage girl there who as a young child went to church and was living for God despite the fact that her mother was a drug addict. She’s always felt God calling her to use her voice to glorify Him, but as she grew up she started to find herself getting into trouble. Through a number of circumstances she was expelled from her high school and ostracized from the church she attended.

The bad taste in her mouth has kept her out of church ever since. That is until last night. Last night God drew her back. Not only did this now high school senior give her life to Christ, but her passion to sing for Him came back. You could just see the emotion as she talked about what God was doing in her life. Seeing peoples lives reborn never gets old!! I asked her what made her come last night and she said, “I saw there was free food and figured I’d check it out!” Isn’t it awesome how something as small as ‘free food’ can be an instrument in the hand of God to transform a person’s life?

Please continue to be in prayer for these outreaches this week. I truly believe that this morning there are people that are waking up only to go to sleep tonight completely different people!! If you want to see more of what happened at other sites last night, you can read about it here.

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