Creator vs. Forecaster

In Genesis 1:26, we see that God created man in His image. Much can be made of this, but when it comes to leadership, I believe we see a principle here.

We see that God works as a creator, not a forcaster. So many leaders spend more time forecasting direction or culture rather than creating it. A forecasting leader will say things like, “We’ve done everything else, this has to work.” Or “This is the direction I see churches going today.” The two problems with a forecasting leader is:

1. They lack vision. According to scripture, that’s a death sentence for an organization.
2. They are spending more time looking around then looking up. Our inspiration should not come from where we see others going, but where we sense God is going.

This is one place I believe many churches/pastors today are really missing the mark. With the increase in open-sourcing and the sharing of resources, many pastors have replaced seeking God for creativity and direction, with searching the internet for the latest fad or idea. Now don’t get me wrong, open-sourcing and the sharing of ideas is how we become what Jesus prayed for in John 17:20-21. The problem is when our dependence on others’ resources supersedes our dependence on the Holy Spirit.

Today I want to challenge you to allow the fullness of the Holy Spirit to work through you. Become the incarnation of Christ. Create. Create something new. Create something innovative. Create something that will draw others to Christ. Today be a CREATOR not a FORECASTER.

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