Our Life on the Potter’s Wheel

This morning I spoke at our last 7:30AM Service and thought I would share some of my main thoughts:

Text: Jeremiah 18:1-6

3 Characteristics of Clay in Our Spiritual Walk

1. A piece of clay’s value is not in how it’s seen, but in whose hands it was formed.
>God created you, He formed you, with a specific purpose. He has a specific path for you to walk in life.
>You are not an accident, but your a specifically gifted for the life God has for you.

2. Even the most pliable clay can become hard over time.
>2 Corinthians 5:17
>When the newness of something wears off it often loses its enticing luster.
>Our life of Christian living is not about an elevator ride to a point of destination, it’s about a journey.
>When being a Christian stops being about a process or journey, our life becomes hardened towards the things of God.

3. Clay is able to be restored.
>The exciting thing about living for God is that we are never at a point where God is not willing to restore us.
>Romans 8:38-39
>If our lives have become hardened towards the things of God, we must allow the rivers of His Spirit to flow over us and breath new life into our hearts.

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