No Man is an Island

Today I attended the Sunday Service at South Butler Assembly of God. This is one of the 12 churches I work with in our network. It is a church in a rural community that is beginning to see some momentum move them forward. It was so exciting to hear their reports of a youth outreach they had this past Friday night where they had close to 60 people come out!
This morning’s message was equally exciting. Pastor Don Larva delivered a message entitled, “No Man is An Island.” It was a challenging and well communicated message from Judges 18. His closing three points were:

A: Acknowledge your position
B: Believe and Trust in God
C: Cast Vision for the Next Generation

Every time I have the chance to visit one of these churches it is always refreshing to see ‘church’ done in so many different ways. Whether I’m at PCO, Ambridge, or South Butler, God is still moving. It really reminds me that the Church truly is the body of Christ. And although the hand and foot have different purposes they are equally valuable!

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