What Makes You Angry?

Tonight I attended our Young Adult Group Nite at APC and we talked about anger. What a great topic!! Yeah, I know it doesn’t bring up warm, happy memories, but it is something that we should talk about. So many Christians get frustrated and angry about the most irrelevant things. They exert so much energy over what color the carpet in their church is or what ministries their church does or doesn’t offer and the whole time they don’t even realize that they’ve completely missed the point. Is anger wrong or ungodly? By no means!! God has created us a beings of emotion. We possess every emotion for a reason. Anger isn’t wrong. What’s wrong is the battles we fight with our anger.

How often have we blown up on someone that, in retrospect, was really pointless? We do it all the time. We fight irrelevant battles. God didn’t give us the emotion of anger to throw it at little pet peeves. He have gave us anger to well up passion and fury to advance the kingdom of God. A soldier on the front lines isn’t concerned with the petty aspects of life. They don’t care if they’re having a ‘<a href=”
http://www.svh.richland2.org/~bcheatha/bad_hair_day.jpg”>bad hair day‘ or that someone’s talking about them behind their back. They’re in battle – their goal is to advance and stay alive! When we engage our energies and anger towards something that really matters, towards a cause that will truly impact others, it’s amazing how quickly things fall into perspective. The question I have for you then is “What Makes You Angry?” Or more specifically, “What Cause stirs passion deep within your spirit?” When you discover what that is – PLAY OFFENSE. Put your energy and attention into it. Quit being a person so concerned with the petty things of this world that you’ve lost your perspective on the truly eternal causes we have been called to fight for.

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