What a Weekend!

This weekend was exhausting but pretty incredible! It started Friday night as I went to a coffeehouse outreach at South Butler Assembly of God, one of the churches I work with through MCM. In a church that averages about 50 on Sunday mornings, they had over 40 people come out for this outreach, and most were teenagers! That’s more than 80% of their Sunday morning attendance!!

Then Saturday I had my first APC Fall Fest experience and all I can say is: Wow!! Hundreds of people came out to enjoy a great day of games, crafts, food and prizes, but that wasn’t the most impressive part of the whole day. The coolest thing I saw was watching a team of volunteers completely turn our facility over after Fall Fest. In only an hour and a half you couldn’t even tell Fall Fest had taken place!!

Saturday night and this morning at APC we had Stephen Sebayala, a pastor from Uganda. His God-sized vision was challenging to me personally. He’s set the goal of reaching 1 billion people for Christ in his lifetime. (Yeah, that’s ‘billion’ with a ‘B’) He gave a spirit-filled word where we saw a mass of people come forward in each of the services.

Also, this weekend Pittsburgh City Outreach had a fall outreach and Steeler’s Party. Their service attendance maxed out this weekend at 190! If you’ve ever been down to PCO you would know how packed that really is! Praise God!!

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