My Name is Earl

This morning we had Earl Creps speak at our monthly Catalyst Meeting. What a guy!! Below are some notes from his talk:

>”Being innovative is not about doing right differently.”
>”There is no such thing as Emerging culture, just cultures emerging.”

Acts 17:13-15
>Just because things aren’t working out doesn’t mean you’re on the wrong trip, just that along
the journey sometimes things just don’t work out.

1. You are the right person.
>In your setting right now, Jesus has put stuff in your path that He will use to pull things
out of you.
2. You are in the right place.
>Wherever you are is a place of influence, big or small.
3. You are earning the right to be heard.
>In our communities we are earning the right to be heard.
>Without the right to be heard, we’re just another e-mail in the inbox and we’re just going
to be deleted.

If you are wanting to subscribe to Earl’s monthly e-newsletter, you can e-mail him at

On a side note, the one thing I appreciate so much about this guy is he is so approachable and easy to talk to! Well, now I’m off to Springfield!! Look out Fazoli’s here I come!!

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